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Help My Roof Is Leaking!

Help My Roof Is Leaking!


How I Solved My Roofing Problem & Found A Great Company


Whenever there is a leak on the roof, the first reaction is to panic. Help my roof is leaking, is what comes into most people’s minds. A leak almost always catches the home owner off guard, and this makes choosing the right company for the roof repairs that much harder. For the typical Brisbane resident, a spot check will give you very many options to choose from. Some people might think this a good thing, but with little time, the more the options, the more confusing everything is. The roof is a very important part of the house, and whenever there is a problem with it, one wants to choose the company that will conduct the most comprehensive of repairs.

We Found A Great Roofing Company

Pro Build Roofing Brisbane

The first thing one should always look for in a company is whether they are licensed and qualified. We recently hired a roofing contractor called Pro Build Roofing Brisbane, we really loved the customer service they provided and hired them on the spot. Although my husband thinks he can fix anything, we were told be a friend about Pro Build and decided to get them to come over and have a look at our dilemma. They took their time to assess the damage and provided some great advice.

Roofing jobs require some sort of structural and engineering knowledge. The company one chooses should be the one that has professionals with the right knowledge for the job. Apart from qualifications, another important aspect is licensing. Many areas require roofing companies to register with them to get permits to handle the jobs they do.


The next step should be insurance. Insurance covers the company and their employees and is something one must always insist on. Roofing jobs are dangerous, and there is a likelihood of injury, during the duration of the job or after the company is done with the work. Without insurance, one can be forced to pay millions in compensation or be left with huge medical bills. They might also undergo losses to their property and other sections of the house like the walls of floor. With insurance, all these costs are covered and there is no cause for worry.


Obviously experience is another strong point of every prospective roofing company. A company that has been in the business for many years obviously has employees who have dealt with many roofing jobs and therefore know the trends and the problem points of various kinds of roofs. The experience should not be the only time related factor, though. One should look for referees who can vouch for the credibility of the business. A company might be experienced but still take their job so much for granted that they leave some of their customers dissatisfied.

Roofing Contractors Brisbane

Find A Local Roofing Company

Dealing with a local company is often the best option. This is because they know the local area and conditions like the climate. They can therefore advice the home owner on how these things affect their business. More importantly, in case problems arise later, they can be able to reach them easily for follow up purposes.

My roofing problems found me with little time to spare, and the only alternative I had was to ask around. One should preferably ask industry professionals they trust to point them in the right direction. Building or real estate agents can be of great help. However if one knows no such person then they are left with friends, relatives or neighbors who have had such work done for them. Ask them whom they would hire if given another chance. That will be the right company. My questions led me to Pro Build and their services met and exceeded all of my expectations.…