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Things to Do With Family

Things to Do With Family Around Brisbane and the Gold Coast


Things to do in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

It gets easier to manage my family when everyone is at peace with one another. As a mum, I strive to give my family the best mother’s love they can get. One way that I have discovered is really helpful in making a good and loving family is maintaining a happy family. Besides ensuring they are comfortable at home, I ensure that I prepare them for a busy week by taking them out for weekends to relax them and take away tension from them. They always kick off the week on a high tone every time we have a weekend out.

Activities to Do With Family

There are many places yuo can spend time with your family in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Too, there are lots of things to do with family in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Here are a few activities that you can opt for with your family:

  • Whale watching: consider paying a visit to Moreton Bay to watch the huge and gigantic humpback whales as they entertain you in the cool and azure waters. Children will enjoy a reduced gate pass, therefore suitable to carry your kids along.
  • O’Reilly’s and Mount Tamborine: Gold Coast and Brisbane will offer you a cool escape from the hustles of your daily life. At O’Reilly’s and Mount Tamborine you will enjoy a magnificent scenery at the Lamington National Park which is a listed World Heritage center.
  • Crocodile watching: do you love the sight of this gigantic reptile? Well, am sure your children would find it interesting to see the creature they mostly see in movies. You can watch crocodiles at Croc Express in Brisbane and have a really good time.
  • Sea-animal encounter: sea animals are always fan to see. You can take your family to the Sea World Australia to have a look at various sea animals as they are quite thrilling to watch. This is present at both Brisbane and Gold Coast and will not cost you much especially if you are a resident of Brisbane.


There are a host of other things to do with family in Brisbane and Gold Coast such as:


  • Flying high with hot-air balloon
  • Visiting Currumbin wildlife sanctuary
  • Visiting restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Site-seeing in cruise ships as well as in helicopter
  • Having some adrenaline sports such as mountain climbing

There are lots of things to do with family in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Having a family day out helps me ensure everyone is happy and prepared to face the week with a clear head!…