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Our Family Trip to Noosa Heads

Our Family Trip to Noosa!


Being a mother of three children is as rewarding as it is exhausting! My twins, who turned four this March, seem to be in constant need of supervision and my seven year old daughter, who is in love with her school, wants round-the-clock help with some project or the other. While I love spending time with my little ones, I was dreading the April vacation which would keep them out of school and at home all day!

A family trip to a sunny beach sounded like a dream. The kids love the water and while they splash around having a good time, it would give my husband and me the much needed opportunity to put our feet up and unwind. My friends had once told me about a surf camp they had attended in Noosa Heads. Their vacation pictures were filled with lovely cool beaches, lush green landscapes and mouth-watering food! I had been longing for a vacation to Noose heads ever since and this April seemed like the perfect time!

Traveling to Noosa Heads


Noosa Heads is about 136 kms from Brisbane. It is a beautiful drive with exotic views. The drive does not last for more than a couple of hours, which is a huge relief! It is not a long drive which requires us to keep the kids entertained and if the traffic is light, the kids enjoy the drive as well. We had stocked up plenty of sunscreen and made sure we had packed in an extra set of sunglasses and hats as well!


We had booked our accommodation in a private home resort in Cooloola Hill which is the hill behind the Noosa Junction. Since it was a vacation we wanted to be pampered by a full-service and not raise a finger around the house. We are also a couple who enjoy solitude. A private home resort fulfilled all these needs.

It was early afternoon when we turned in to the driveway of our home for the next four days. What we say was spectacular! It was a huge house facing the water. The three things I instantly fell in love with were:

  • Ample of sunlight filtering in through the designer windows
  • Luxuriously decorated master bedroom and thoughtfully done rooms for the children
  • A tropical indoor swimming pool!


Even before we could think of what to do on our first day, the kids were changing into their bathing suits and dragging us to the pool!

The Underwater World

The next day we had booked the kids in the Ocean Ranger program at the Underwater World in Mooloolaba. We thought it would be a great idea for them to interact with the animals and spend some quality time learning more about the sea life! The program was inclusive of lunch so we did not have to be worry about anything.

The Ocean Ranger Program included:

  • Beach exploration with a guide
  • \Interaction with animals
  • A special date with the seals. This was a great hit with the kids!
  • The children were even allowed to feed some animals
  • They were shown how the animals were looked after
  • An exclusive photograph
  • A participation certificate which the kids run to fetch every time we have a visitor!


The Dingo Creek Vineyard

My husband and I treated ourselves to a day at the Dingo Creek Vineyard. It was a little more than a half an hour drive but every bit worth it. Right from the tastefully done timber cellar doors to the artistic deck, everything about the Vineyard is welcoming. A trip through the vineyards planted with chardonnay, merlots and a whole variety of grapes makes you want to be one of the wine connoisseurs who spend their life amidst something so beautiful and exclusive.

Restaurants and Fine Dining

If you want to pamper your taste buds you should not miss out on the lovely brunches and smoothies at Café Vin Cino at Noosa Marina! If you are there on a Sunday you can spend a fun day visiting the markets on the marina, spending time strolling around and end it with a scrumptious treat at the Rump House Restaurant!

Other interesting places to eat at are:

  • The Noosa Surf Club House has an amazing restaurant pumping with some good old energy and lovely food
  • The Bistro C situated along the beach is ideal to sit, relax and refresh yourself with some lovely food and drinks


Some of the other places you could plan to visit are the Australian Zoo and the Sunshine castle. As we headed back from the vacations, the kids were snoozing on the back seats and I found myself thinking that one short trip is just not enough to drink in the beauty and luxury of Noosa heads.

I am going to need to plan another long vacation to this place sometime soon!

Check out this vid to see some more of Noosa – This is actually a surfing video but the one I wanted wouldn’t let me embed. (I am not being paid to promote Noosa Heads)