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Buying Shipping Containers in Brisbane

Buying Shipping Containers in Brisbane


Best Tips For Buying Containers


Container Sales Brisbane

Are you looking for a reliable shipping container company Brisbane that will sell you containers at affordable prices? Then worry no more because there are plenty of respected shipping container companies in town that deal in sale and hire of high-quality containers. Whether you’re in need of a new container for your worksite, special container for a project or a used container for storage, you can always get one at a reasonable price.

Types of Containers For Sale

Established shipping containers manufacturers, sell and hire new containers in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes. You can also find used shipping containers ideal for storage or removals. Regardless of the purpose for which you are buying containers, there are many container categories to choose from. If you are interested in buying a container direct, suppliers like Nationwide Container Sales offer discounted rates on a range of sizes.

Here are some of the types of containers you can purchase from  shipping container suppliers:

  • General Purpose containers
  • Insulated containers
  • High cube containers
  • Side opening containers
  • Flat racks


About Modified Containers

Most Australian-based shipping container companies have container modification facilities, where they customize containers based on client specifications. You can also shop from a range of pre-modified containers that provide worksite solutions like switch rooms, site rooms and mining accommodation. Other containers available under this category can be used as first aid rooms, portable ablution blocks and explosive magazines.

Container suppliers also offer container accessories that can allow for small modifications like lock ventilation, lock boxes and painting. Other accessories that can be used for container modification or customization include extra windows, doors, insulation, air conditioning, lighting, flooring, bathrooms and more.

Features of a Good Container

Whether you want to buy a brand new container or used container, there are a number of qualities that you need to look at. Assessing a container before buying will ensure you get a quality container that can handle the most demanding transportation or storage needs. If you’re looking for a perfect container for storage of personal items, machinery, tools, documents archive or use as garage, 20ft units can be the best to go for. And if you’re looking for office modifications units, then the 40ft containers are the most ideal.

Below are some of the general features of a quality container:

  • High strength and corrosion-resistant steel construction
  • Quality hinges and finishes for extended lifespan
  • Weather resistant construction (especially to harsh Australian weather)
  • Easy to integrate security features


How Much Does A Shipping Container Cost?

Shipping containers don’t cost much as most people might think. With a few thousand dollars, you can have a perfectly working new or used container. The cost of each container will naturally vary. For instance, a used shipping container costs from $2,500 and above. Modified containers prices vary greatly depending on the container size and complexity of modifications. However, top shipping container companies in Brisbane offer competitive prices, which mean you can get a new or used container at the best deal.

Shipping Container Delivery Methods

After buying your container, the next big challenge is having it delivered to your work site. Majority of suppliers offer different delivery options once you’ve purchased a container unit. Generally, delivery can be done via a side loader, tilt tray or Hiab crane. If you want to offload the container on site, then a semi-trailer delivery can also work great for you. But so long as your container delivery is safe, there’s no need to worry about the method used.

Delivery Locations

Containers can be shipped througout South East Queensland.  Container delivery cost largely depends on the type of truck used, delivery location, container model and access to the site. But regardless of all these aspects, container delivery by major companies is relatively straightforward.

Some of the areas include:

  • Brisbane CBD and Inner City
  • Brisbane Southside
  • Brisbane Northside
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Western Suburbs
  • Bayside
  • Springfield Lakes
  • Logan City


If you live in Brisbane and would want to buy a container, contact the top rated shipping containers in the city and ask for a quotation. Be sure to compare prices offered by different companies in order to get quality containers at the best deal. Also, don’t forget to inquire about the delivery cost and efficiency of delivery after purchase.

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Help My Roof Is Leaking!

Help My Roof Is Leaking!


How I Solved My Roofing Problem & Found A Great Company


Whenever there is a leak on the roof, the first reaction is to panic. Help my roof is leaking, is what comes into most people’s minds. A leak almost always catches the home owner off guard, and this makes choosing the right company for the roof repairs that much harder. For the typical Brisbane resident, a spot check will give you very many options to choose from. Some people might think this a good thing, but with little time, the more the options, the more confusing everything is. The roof is a very important part of the house, and whenever there is a problem with it, one wants to choose the company that will conduct the most comprehensive of repairs.

We Found A Great Roofing Company

Pro Build Roofing Brisbane

The first thing one should always look for in a company is whether they are licensed and qualified. We recently hired a roofing contractor called Pro Build Roofing Brisbane, we really loved the customer service they provided and hired them on the spot. Although my husband thinks he can fix anything, we were told be a friend about Pro Build and decided to get them to come over and have a look at our dilemma. They took their time to assess the damage and provided some great advice.

Roofing jobs require some sort of structural and engineering knowledge. The company one chooses should be the one that has professionals with the right knowledge for the job. Apart from qualifications, another important aspect is licensing. Many areas require roofing companies to register with them to get permits to handle the jobs they do.


The next step should be insurance. Insurance covers the company and their employees and is something one must always insist on. Roofing jobs are dangerous, and there is a likelihood of injury, during the duration of the job or after the company is done with the work. Without insurance, one can be forced to pay millions in compensation or be left with huge medical bills. They might also undergo losses to their property and other sections of the house like the walls of floor. With insurance, all these costs are covered and there is no cause for worry.


Obviously experience is another strong point of every prospective roofing company. A company that has been in the business for many years obviously has employees who have dealt with many roofing jobs and therefore know the trends and the problem points of various kinds of roofs. The experience should not be the only time related factor, though. One should look for referees who can vouch for the credibility of the business. A company might be experienced but still take their job so much for granted that they leave some of their customers dissatisfied.

Roofing Contractors Brisbane

Find A Local Roofing Company

Dealing with a local company is often the best option. This is because they know the local area and conditions like the climate. They can therefore advice the home owner on how these things affect their business. More importantly, in case problems arise later, they can be able to reach them easily for follow up purposes.

My roofing problems found me with little time to spare, and the only alternative I had was to ask around. One should preferably ask industry professionals they trust to point them in the right direction. Building or real estate agents can be of great help. However if one knows no such person then they are left with friends, relatives or neighbors who have had such work done for them. Ask them whom they would hire if given another chance. That will be the right company. My questions led me to Pro Build and their services met and exceeded all of my expectations.…

Things to Do With Family

Things to Do With Family Around Brisbane and the Gold Coast


Things to do in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

It gets easier to manage my family when everyone is at peace with one another. As a mum, I strive to give my family the best mother’s love they can get. One way that I have discovered is really helpful in making a good and loving family is maintaining a happy family. Besides ensuring they are comfortable at home, I ensure that I prepare them for a busy week by taking them out for weekends to relax them and take away tension from them. They always kick off the week on a high tone every time we have a weekend out.

Activities to Do With Family

There are many places yuo can spend time with your family in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Too, there are lots of things to do with family in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Here are a few activities that you can opt for with your family:

  • Whale watching: consider paying a visit to Moreton Bay to watch the huge and gigantic humpback whales as they entertain you in the cool and azure waters. Children will enjoy a reduced gate pass, therefore suitable to carry your kids along.
  • O’Reilly’s and Mount Tamborine: Gold Coast and Brisbane will offer you a cool escape from the hustles of your daily life. At O’Reilly’s and Mount Tamborine you will enjoy a magnificent scenery at the Lamington National Park which is a listed World Heritage center.
  • Crocodile watching: do you love the sight of this gigantic reptile? Well, am sure your children would find it interesting to see the creature they mostly see in movies. You can watch crocodiles at Croc Express in Brisbane and have a really good time.
  • Sea-animal encounter: sea animals are always fan to see. You can take your family to the Sea World Australia to have a look at various sea animals as they are quite thrilling to watch. This is present at both Brisbane and Gold Coast and will not cost you much especially if you are a resident of Brisbane.


There are a host of other things to do with family in Brisbane and Gold Coast such as:


  • Flying high with hot-air balloon
  • Visiting Currumbin wildlife sanctuary
  • Visiting restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Site-seeing in cruise ships as well as in helicopter
  • Having some adrenaline sports such as mountain climbing

There are lots of things to do with family in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Having a family day out helps me ensure everyone is happy and prepared to face the week with a clear head!…

Our Family Trip to Noosa Heads

Our Family Trip to Noosa!


Being a mother of three children is as rewarding as it is exhausting! My twins, who turned four this March, seem to be in constant need of supervision and my seven year old daughter, who is in love with her school, wants round-the-clock help with some project or the other. While I love spending time with my little ones, I was dreading the April vacation which would keep them out of school and at home all day!

A family trip to a sunny beach sounded like a dream. The kids love the water and while they splash around having a good time, it would give my husband and me the much needed opportunity to put our feet up and unwind. My friends had once told me about a surf camp they had attended in Noosa Heads. Their vacation pictures were filled with lovely cool beaches, lush green landscapes and mouth-watering food! I had been longing for a vacation to Noose heads ever since and this April seemed like the perfect time!

Traveling to Noosa Heads


Noosa Heads is about 136 kms from Brisbane. It is a beautiful drive with exotic views. The drive does not last for more than a couple of hours, which is a huge relief! It is not a long drive which requires us to keep the kids entertained and if the traffic is light, the kids enjoy the drive as well. We had stocked up plenty of sunscreen and made sure we had packed in an extra set of sunglasses and hats as well!


We had booked our accommodation in a private home resort in Cooloola Hill which is the hill behind the Noosa Junction. Since it was a vacation we wanted to be pampered by a full-service and not raise a finger around the house. We are also a couple who enjoy solitude. A private home resort fulfilled all these needs.

It was early afternoon when we turned in to the driveway of our home for the next four days. What we say was spectacular! It was a huge house facing the water. The three things I instantly fell in love with were:

  • Ample of sunlight filtering in through the designer windows
  • Luxuriously decorated master bedroom and thoughtfully done rooms for the children
  • A tropical indoor swimming pool!


Even before we could think of what to do on our first day, the kids were changing into their bathing suits and dragging us to the pool!

The Underwater World

The next day we had booked the kids in the Ocean Ranger program at the Underwater World in Mooloolaba. We thought it would be a great idea for them to interact with the animals and spend some quality time learning more about the sea life! The program was inclusive of lunch so we did not have to be worry about anything.

The Ocean Ranger Program included:

  • Beach exploration with a guide
  • \Interaction with animals
  • A special date with the seals. This was a great hit with the kids!
  • The children were even allowed to feed some animals
  • They were shown how the animals were looked after
  • An exclusive photograph
  • A participation certificate which the kids run to fetch every time we have a visitor!


The Dingo Creek Vineyard

My husband and I treated ourselves to a day at the Dingo Creek Vineyard. It was a little more than a half an hour drive but every bit worth it. Right from the tastefully done timber cellar doors to the artistic deck, everything about the Vineyard is welcoming. A trip through the vineyards planted with chardonnay, merlots and a whole variety of grapes makes you want to be one of the wine connoisseurs who spend their life amidst something so beautiful and exclusive.

Restaurants and Fine Dining

If you want to pamper your taste buds you should not miss out on the lovely brunches and smoothies at Café Vin Cino at Noosa Marina! If you are there on a Sunday you can spend a fun day visiting the markets on the marina, spending time strolling around and end it with a scrumptious treat at the Rump House Restaurant!

Other interesting places to eat at are:

  • The Noosa Surf Club House has an amazing restaurant pumping with some good old energy and lovely food
  • The Bistro C situated along the beach is ideal to sit, relax and refresh yourself with some lovely food and drinks


Some of the other places you could plan to visit are the Australian Zoo and the Sunshine castle. As we headed back from the vacations, the kids were snoozing on the back seats and I found myself thinking that one short trip is just not enough to drink in the beauty and luxury of Noosa heads.

I am going to need to plan another long vacation to this place sometime soon!

Check out this vid to see some more of Noosa – This is actually a surfing video but the one I wanted wouldn’t let me embed. (I am not being paid to promote Noosa Heads)